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Pastor Sara Haldeman-Scarr

Pastor Sara started her ministry on the East Coast, growing up in and receiving her call from the Conestoga Church of the Brethren located in Bareville, Pennsylvania. She spent faith shaping summers at Camp Swatara in Bethel, Pennsylvania where the summer staff community helped confirm her ministry call. She holds an Elementary Education Degree from Millersville University (then a state college) and a Master’s from Bethany Theological Seminary, Oakbrook Campus. Her ministry call has drawn her across the country serving churches/camps in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and currently here in California. She loves California and the ministry she shares with the First church of the Brethren of San Diego.

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Susan Sanner - Music Director 

Susan started singing in church at the age of 6 where her first memory of singing solos finds its root. She started studying piano with one of the woman at the church when she was 9. Playing hymns and accompanying group singing at that young age was challenging. It is a great opportunity to learn that you have to keep going even when you play a wrong note because the congregation doesn’t stop for you. Music is a lifelong calling. She loves singing solos and participating in ensembles and choirs. She sang in the San Diego Master Chorale for a time. Making music creates a harmony in her heart that empowers others to worship! We are blessed to have her here sharing her love for music and the music she loves.