Walking the Labyrinth can sooth the soul, inspire courage and lighten your load. The Labyrinth located on the Peace Campus between the covered patio and the Friends Center is open for your meditation needs from dawn till dusk.


We conceived of this project during the 2015-2016 residency of the BVS couple: Ron Gruici and Denise DeGeorge. Ron designed the layout and found the marble tiles on site, which had been collected by Ken Aeschbacher and Gordon Jacobsen during their removal from San Diego Airport Terminal Two during renovations. Ron spent many hours toiling over preparations even before we began our series of “work days”. Many members of the church community contributed to the preparation of the space, laying of the tiles, and the finish work. The first official Labyrinth Walk took place Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 as our first Oasis Gathering worship experience.

The community is invited to come to the labyrinth any time and experience the calm of passing along the stones to the center, where a bench welcomes the walker. Take a few moments to reflect and gather your strength before continuing out the same way you came but in reverse. There is no way to get lost but there is certainly a path to find your way amid the chaos of a busy day or a crisis bearing down on you. 

You are responsible for exercising good judgement and for supervising your children. Please practice safe habits so that walking the labyrinth may be an experience of peace and wholeness for you and others in our community.