Mennonite Hymn Sing

Once a month the Mennonites, Brethren in Christ, and Church of the Brethren gather in the lobby of the Monterey Trellis on Troy Street in Spring Valley to share in an hour of singing sacred hymns from The Worship Hymnal. Gathered around a piano we call out numbers and the pianist, Mimi Buckwalter, plays and we sing. All are welcome. For  information contact Mimi Buckwalter at naomipath@cox.net

Theology on Tap

The best things in life are messy, so once a month we join together in the chaos to build new friendships and a community that supports each other through whatever life throws at us—be it a bad day or the great philosophical debates. (Just don’t ask where that missing sock went; it’s a mystery too great.) To learn where we meeting sign up to our Theology on Tap Mail Chimp List!