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Who we are 

Jesus calls us to care for our neighbors down the street and across the world. Responding to that call, the San Diego First Church of the Brethren (a blend of CoB and Mennonites) envisioned the Oasis Center – a ministry that sets out to provide emergency temporary accommodations for documented families awaiting their asylum hearings.

 What we do 

As followers of Jesus, we provide a safe space by offering temporary housing, transportation to legal and medical appointments, translation services and address food insecurities with a food pantry.  

How to Help 


We are small, but have many volunteer opportunities, including but not limited to:

  • Translators: Available by phone and / or in person when Google Translate just won’t do. Spanish, French; other languages as they come up. We try to have meetings of one hour or so every few days with our guests, staff and translators so we can have more complex discussions, issues, requests or problems.

  • Transportation: Providing rides to our guests to medical, legal and other various appointments / trips. Mostly scheduled in advance but occasionally unplanned but necessary trips do pop up.

  • Pantry workers: inventories and keeps food stuffs, grooming and cleaning supplies, and other various items in order.

  • Office help: sending out e-mails & organizing files and documents (mostly electronic documents); receiving and making calls; general administrative help.

  • Development: Fund-raising and Public Relations.

  • General Help for whatever comes up

If you are interested please fill out this volunteer registration form!


  • Monetary donations are the best way to help us, so that we can procure the things we need most. That gives us the ability to flex into ever changing needs and conditions. We accept monetary via paypal; please specify Oasis Center in the descriptive line.

  • Some durable goods such as food blenders, a vacuum cleaner, pots and pans, food storage containers, and a refurbished desktop computer.

  • Food and Consumables: Non-perishable foodstuffs, especially canned meats / proteins, sugar, fruit juices for the babies, size 4 diapers and diaper disposal bags, wipes, and personal hygiene items.

  • You can also consult our Amazon Wish List for ideas

Contact Us

E-mail Oasis Center

phone: 619-262-1988

Facilitator: Oren Scala